The Jokkmokk Market

The first Thursday in February traditionally marks the beginning of the annual market in Jokkmokk, a small town north of the Polar Circle in Swedish Lapland.  Held since 1604, this was Jokkmokk Marknad’s 411th year, making it one of the oldest annual markets in the world. Started by the indigenous, reindeer-herding Same people, this has traditionally this has functioned as an important marketplace for those living in this Arctic region. Nowadays it has become a tourist attraction, with thousands dressing really warmly as they explore traditional merchandise such as handcrafted knives, and jewelry, pelts. The reindeer race is a highlight of the event, and vibrantly dressed Same crowd into concert venues to hear traditional music and into heated igloos to enjoy traditional foods such as ‘coffee cheese’ and gyros made with reindeer meat.